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MSE is Your partner in Motorsport Electronics.


performs the highest level calibration for MoTeC systems including engine management, data acquisition and power management systems.

We offer long year experience and performance in Motorsport and, by analysing and studying the issues of our clients, we are able to offer them “customized” and performative solutions, through a wide variety of disciplines.

From rally cars to superbikes, through fast street cars and drag racing, we own the qualified experience to help you achieve your targets.

MoTeC pkg calibration and race support

We offer a full MoTeC support for calibration for any applications, including engine management, data logging and power management distribution.
We can support you remotely thus obtaining the maximum performance from your system.

Dyno support for engine development calibration

Thanks to a long time cooperation with Drago Motorsport we can offer Eddy Current and rolling DYNO support for engines development and ECU mapping, from the smallest to the top racing engine.

M1 BUILD services

We can supply bespoke firmware for any Client applications, where standard packages are not enough M1 Build is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for authoring M1 firmware to run on a range of M1 products.It allows to quickly create customised M1 firmware by managing and automating the code creation.The M1 development model includes a highly sophisticated security model that ensures your are always in full control.

Dyno & ECU

We can offer multiple dyno rooms with "state of the art" performance, including fully integrated engine control , positive and negative torque measurement.

Custom cycle and track simulations are controlled by a centralized logging system and customizable CAN communication support.

Actuated throttle and full airbox flow simulation.
This allows better and faster tuning of your device, including evaluation of complex strategy and dyno simulation.

Engine Management

Motorsport Engineering covers a whole range of topics including the basics of setting up and tuning a performance ECU system plus a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on using MoTeC software.You will learn how to set up the Tune software, safely create the fuel and ignition maps and get your engine running from scratch.

Power Distribution

You will learn how to maximize your investment about the PDM.The seminar will cover a detailed explanation on MoTeC Power Distribution Modules (PDM)designed to replace conventional relays, fuses and circuit breakers, simplifying wiring and reducing weight while increasing reliability.

Data Acquisition

Motorsport Engineering is delivering courses dedicated to Race Engineering and the technical side of the most exciting sport in the world.

Data Analysis

Ranging from beginner, through intermediate to advanced, there’s something educational and entertaining in this seminar whose main focus is providing you with the skills that allow you to become competitive at the highest level.


To make the most of your investment in our products, MSE offers training seminars in:

Some courses are aimed at those who have not been previously exposed to MoTeC systems in any depth, while others are for more experienced users.

Wiring Loom

We are able to design and produce wiring loom from club racing to top level request.

Raychem DR 25 and Tyco spec 44 and 55 for wire guarantee the maximum strength and reliability under very heavy use conditions.


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Good service and quality

We fully meet our customer requests and we definitely recommend Motorsport Engineering to everyone in the motorsport field who needs a qualified and professional support.

Gianni Sala
SG Racing


We recommend Motorsport Engineering to everyone who wants the highest quality service and products, granted by qualified professionals and thus obtaining results beyond the expectations.

Martino Montefiori
Car Sistem

Professional service quickly

Everytime we asked for support the company was able to meet our requests in a short time. Recommended to all these companies that need to use a MoTeC engine control ECU for a non-standard use and on their own specific requests. We quickly learned how to use the calibration and control tools with a proper mastery of the provided software.

Luigi Vanore
Puritalia Automobili

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