MSE_Ducati Panigale V4R Sbk_B software

MSE_Ducati Panigale V4R Sbk_B ultimate update for a V4 engine including sophisticated feature for the superpowerful Ducati engine. Firstly the Anti Hitting strategy that allows smooth throttle transition; the engine braking based on Lean angle, the revised Traction control strategy, the 4 single cylinder closed loop lambda and the state of the art anti wheelie strategy.

The Antiwheelie strategy can be tuned on sectors and on level of control.

Traction Control has a unique set of aim table that allows the user to be very accurate on the tuning while mantaining a user friendly interface.

The Security includes 2 different users: , USER for normal use, TUNER for full system access. All of them include separate logging system, that allows data to be downloaded at the right moment. This advanced security management is enforced into the ecu processor and it is very solid: the vehicle can be used while the knowhow (tuning maps of the ecu) is secured and can be manipulated only from the users with the correct access.

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