MSE_MoTeC Mapper EVO

Motorsport engineering has developed a very useful software to support the user during racing fuel tuning operations. This process can be critical in terms of required time expecially when the vehicle is equipped with 4 lambdas (one lambda per cylinder) as, in this case, the time necessary for the user to elaborate the result is bigger than the time available. The MSE_MoTeC Mapper EVO will do this in a second and can assist for the following engine configurations:

4 cylinder inline 1 lambda

4 cylinder inline 4 lambda and 4 Volume table

4 cylinder inline 4 lambda and 4 Trim table

4 cylinder V engine, Bank 1 for Lambda 1,2 and Bank2 for Lambda 3,4, 4 Volume table

The system is able to filter the data that is not necessary for the calculation, and this filter are custom adjustable:

Another nice feature of the system is the capability to consider the Closed Loop lambda trim and calculate the trim accordingly. This will reduce significatively the time necessary to obtain a perfect fuel tuning.

The software can operate on 4 fuel trim table as you can see below:

and easily transferred into MoteC ecu by copy and paste:

Here below a step by step example regarding a SINGLE Fuel map and 1 exhaust lambda sensor engine; in case of 4 lambda just add them to the mat file and use the 4 cyl options on the software.

Here below a step by step example regarding a 4 SEPARATE Fuel map and 4 exhaust lambda sensors engine;

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