Here an example of how a modern ecu can perform in a very difficult circuit: MoTeC M170 at Cadwell Park with Honda CBR1000 RR Superbike.

In this video you can see all about the electronics in a modern Superbike. Motorsport Engineering have tuned and supported during 2011 Championship, so we uploaded to Youtube this video some time ago and it refers to a full SUPERBIKE spec, used in the British Championship before the EVO rules. You can easily see, due a very complete graphics layout all the electronics system working, like traction control, engine braking, anti wheelie, anti jerk etc. is also very good to have the video aligned to the logging data due to the very powerful MoTeC i2 Pro data analysis software.


MSE_Suzuki GSX 1000RR Sbk_B software

MSE_Suzuki GSX 1000RR Sbk_B is an updated version of the brother MSE_Kawasaki ZX10RR Sbk_B and includes several news. Firstly the Anti Hitting strategy that allows smooth throttle transition; the engine braking based on Lean angle, the revised Traction control strategy, the 4 single cylinder closed loop lambda. The Antiwheelie strategy

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This a great build that include sequential gearbox, paddleshift, flexfuel, ALS, fresh air and more. This is the numbers…. 572Hp and 647 Nm. Thanks to our fantastic partner: Brillsteel, Zod Racing, MoTeC. The car is controlled by the MoTeC M142 ecu that runs a custom package. For any request you

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Motorsport Engineering can offer a very nice package for the latest Toyota Yaris GR. It is a full integration package that include all the vehicle features as standard. It is also a racing package with traction control, lanch control, antilag, boost control etc. This stage 1 is great and perform

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