MSE_Kawasaki ZX10RR Sbk_B software

MSE_Kawasaki ZX10RR Sbk_B is an updated version of the Sbk_A, and includes several news. Firstly the Anti Wheelie strategy that is new and includes a height and a pitch estimation; the strategy is completely separated from the Traction Control system. This is a step forward from all previous softwares for MoTeC ecu, where Traction Control system was often used even for the Antiwheelie and the power reduction was a compromise of both ones. Another very nice feature is the 4 cylinder Closed Loop Lambda, with indipendent target for each cylinder. Traction control uses a true wheel slip % measurement, and an imroved schedule calculation which results into better rider feeling. All of this previous features have generated a really nice rider comment and an improved lap time. “The bike is easier to control and there is much more time to be focused on the riding line, the antiwheelie and traction control strategies works really well”

The Antiwheelie strategy can be tuned on sectors and on level of control.

Traction Control has a unique set of aim table that allows the user to be very accurate on the tuning while mantaining a user friendly interface.

The Security includes 4 different users: GUEST for basic use, USER for normal use, TUNER for normal setup, and SUPER USER for full system access. All of them include separate logging system, that allows data to be downloaded at the right moment. This advanced security management is enforced into the ecu processor and it is very solid: the vehicle can be used while the knowhow (tuning maps of the ecu) is secured and can be manipulated only from the users with the correct access.

Below you can see a comparison of Sbk_A and B.

FEATUREMSE_Kawasaki ZX10RR_Superbike_AMSE_Kawasaki ZX10RR_Superbike_B
Fuel modelPW+accPW+acc
 Efficiency+ ManifoldEfficiency+ Manifold
Fuel6 Table x gear6 Table x gear
 Cyl TrimCyl Trim
Fuel Closed Loop1 Closed loop 2 bank4 Cyl Closed Loop with indip Aim
Fuel CutoffCyl Trim  based on Overrun stateCyl Trim  based on Overrun state
Autocorner Recognition9 sector accel + 9 sector braking9 sector accel + 9 sector braking
EBCOpen + closed loop table +trim, speed basedOpen + closed loop table+ trim, Slip% based, Engine Speed vs Gear 21×6  
 10 table 21bk, per gear on sector selection10 table 21bk, per gear on sector selection
Anti Hittingnono
DBW Management10 Transl + 9 sector selection x gear10 Transl + 9 sector selection x gear
Ignition Management6 Table x Gear+ Cyl Trim Table6 Table x Gear+ Cyl Trim Table
 Cyl Trim 26×26Cyl Trim 26×26
Traction Control2 Aim Slip table, %based2 Aim Slip table, %based
 Comp:Slit Grip, Split Grip Est,Split lean,Ax,TrimComp:Slit Grip, Split Grip Est,Split lean,Ax,Trim
 Advanced PID controlAdvanced PID control, Improved  schedule
 Improved scheduleImproved schedule, separated from Anti wheelie
Anti WheelieSuspension position entry based, TC integratedFcalc and IMU based
 Wheelie gain calibration tableTorque red based, split adjustable
 21xgear9 Split x gear,Target on Lean and Split
Wheel Speed Hardware or can, 2 Lean circumference tableHardware or can, 2 Lean circumference table
 Wheel speed filter, improved scheduleWheel speed filter, improved schedule
 Wheel Speed No Roll Wheel Speed No Roll 
IMUMSE  E Lean MSE  E Lean advanced version + diagnostic and free orientation
  IMU advanced signal processing
ENGINE DYNO TORQUE MAPEngine Torque table 28×28Engine Torque table 28×28 Aw integrated
TESTINGPrimary, secondary fuel and ign testPrimary, secondary fuel and ign test
  RPM can and full simulation available
  Wheel Speed Dyno
SECURITYGuest+ Tuner+Super User.
Logging slot for each user.
Guest+User+Tuner+Super User.
Logging slot for each user.
Scaled channel and parameter based on user level

Below you can  also find an example of the Antiwheelie strategy, exiting from last corner of Misano Circuit. It is clear how the system controls the engine power and lets the rider keep the grip at 100% while the dynamics of the bike is fully under control. This allows the rider to concentrate more on the track line, which at the end will result in a faster laptime.

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